Admission Procedure

Address requests for application materials or questions concerning admission to the Admissions Center, 512 North Elm Street Denton Texas 76201.

NTNCI is a comprehensive institution that maintains an open-door admissions policy to ensure that all persons who may benefit from high education standards have the opportunity to enroll. New students will be admitted to NTNCI providing all admission requirements are met. Certain programs may have restrictions on enrollments because of limited space or special equipment needs. Departmental approval is required to register for certain courses as published in the Institute’s catalog and schedule bulletins.

Federal law prohibits institutions from making preadmission inquiries about disabilities. Any information received regarding disabilities will not adversely affect admissions decisions. If you require special services or accommodations because of a disability, you should notify the Institute’s President. This voluntary self-identification allows NTNCI to prepare appropriate support services to facilitate your learning. This information will be kept in strict confidence and has no effect on your admission to NTNCI. Appropriate documentation of the disability will be required.


Prospective students may apply up to one year in advance of a scheduled class start.

At the time of the application the following items must be completed

An interview must be scheduled with an official of the Institute in the admission department

Administration and evaluation of an entrance examination with a passing standardized score.

The State approved test used in North Texas Nursing and Career Institute for the diploma programs is the Wonderlic Examination, prospective students must have a passing score of 12 for all diploma programs.

Enrollment agreement (if applicant is under 17 years of age, parental consent is required).

Payment arrangement can be made with students. Loans can be obtained from financial institutions.

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