Admission Requirements

All students must complete an application form. The Application Forms can be collected at the school premises or can be mailed to an applicant. All applications must be completed with black ink. Please sign and date application Forms . Attach copies of all required documents. Completed application forms are to be mailed to


Admissions office

North Texas Nursing and Career Institute

512 North Elm Street

Denton Texas 76201


The prerequisite for admission into any of the Allied Health programs is High School Diploma or General Education Development Diploma (GED) or the equivalent. Enrolled students are expected to present the original of their High School Diploma, official transcript or GED before the start of any of the programs in this Catalog. Copies will be made and kept on student’s file. The original documents will be returned to the Student.

Applicants are required to complete an interview with an Institute representative. In this interview, the applicant takes a tour of the school facility, classrooms and Laboratory. The applicant also meets with staff and faculty. Applicants are encouraged to attend this interview with their spouses, friends and parents.

The Institute reviews the information submitted by the applicant, when all enrollment requirements including enrollment agreement, diplomas and or Transcripts have been submitted.

All applicants must pass the Wonderlic Test with a minimum score of 12.

If an applicant is not accepted, all fees paid to the institute are refunded

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