Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

SAP appeals must be made within five (5) calendar days of the date student was notified of the violation. The student is deemed to have notice of the pending suspension/dismissal as of the date of the suspension/dismissal letter. Provided that the student can complete their program within the maximum time frame with the required minimum CGAP, a SAP appeal may be granted if the student demonstrates he / she is sincerely committed to taking the steps required to succeed in their program and that failure to maintain the required CGAP or ROP was caused by any of the following mitigating circumstances:

The death of a family member

An illness or injury suffered by the student

Special circumstances of unusual nature which are not likely to recur


The appeal committee shall, as a condition of granting the appeal, require the student to develop an Academic Advising plan in conjunction with the advisor, and place the student on probation.



Academic appeals include those appeals related to final grades and financial transactions and financial aid eligibility. All formal academic appeals must be submitted in writing on an Academic appeal form to the Director of Education within five (5) calendar days of the date the student has notice of the adverse academic decision. The appeal must include:

The specific academic decision at issue

The date of the decision

The reason(s) the student believes the decision was incorrect

The formal steps taken to resolve the disagreement over the decision

The resolution sought.


The written appeal may be accompanied by any additional documentation ( papers, Physician’s notes, Tests receipts) the student believes support the conclusion that the decision was incorrect.

The Director of Education (DOE) shall summon a meeting of the Appeal committee within five calendar days of receiving the appeal. The committee shall thoroughly investigate the matter. The committee is expected to render a decision within five (5) calendar days the appeal committee was convened. The decision of the committee will be submitted to the DOE in writing and the parties involved notified. Copies of the decision will be kept in the student’s file. If an appeal is denied, the date of any suspension or dismissal shall be the date of the adverse academic decision. The student will not be charged for any attendance after the date of the adverse academic decision.



Students who disagree with an assignment/ Test grade should discuss it with the instructor upon receipt of the grade. Assignments /Test grades are reviewed at the instructor’s discretion. If the instructor is not available or if the student is not satisfied he/ she may appeal to the chair person of the program who will resolve the matter.



Appeals of final course grades must be made within five (5) calendar days of the date the grades becomes final. The DOE may direct a grade to be changed only when it is determined through the appeal process that a final grade was influenced by any of the following:

A personal bias or arbitrary rationale

Standards unreasonably different from those that were applied to other students

A substantial , unreasonable, or unannounced departure from previously articulated standards.

The result of a clear and material mistake in calculating or recording grades or academic progress.

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