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4 weeks

117 Clock hours


Objective: To meet ALL State and Federal guidelines to train and prepare individuals for a career in the medical field as an assistant to the Nurse.

The Nurse Aide Program is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the skills and abilities essential to the provision of basic care to home-bound patients and residents in hospitals and Long-Term care facilities. Graduates of this program will be able to communicate and interact effectively with patients and assist them to attain and maintain maximum functional independence while observing patient rights. Students will learn how to apply basic First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), take Vital Signs, apply the elements of basic nutrition in meal planning and follow Infection Control measures. Additionally, students will be able to apply proper Body Mechanics in bed making, lifting and turning patients. Graduates of this program may find entry-level employment as Home Health Aides/Nurse Aides with hospitals, Nursing Homes and Home Health agencies. North Texas Nursing and Career Institute uses the Texas Curriculum for Nurse Aides in Long Term Care Facilities(2000 Edition).


(From the Texas Curriculum for Nurse Aides in Long Term Care Facilities (Fourth Edition 2013).

The NURSE AIDE PROGRAM is scheduled as follows:

Lab Clock
Class 1Introduction to Health Care, Role of N.A400
Class 2Infection Control /Taking Care of yourself300
Class 3Safety and Emergency300
Class 4Resident/Patient Rights/Independence300
Class 5Communication and Interpersonal Skills300
Class 6Vital Signs, Height, Weight, Documentation201
Class 7Vital Signs, Admission, Transfer, Discharge301
Class 8Restorative Services/ Role of the N.A401
Class 9Personal Care Skills-Body Mechanics/Moving302
Class 10Personal Care Skills- Resident Environment201
Class 11Personal Care Skills- Bathing, Skin Care201
Class 12Personal Care Skills -Hygiene and Grooming201
Class 13Elimination –Toileting/Perineal Care401
Class 14Nutrition300
Class 15Mental Health/Social Service/Cognitive Care700
Clinical 1Nursing Home060
Class 16Death and Dying and Coping with Death200
Class 17Conflict Resolution201
Class 18Technologies201
Clinical 2Nursing Home060
Class 19Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Theory400
Class 20Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Practical002
Clinical 3Nursing Home060
Clinical 4Nursing Home060
Clinical 5Nursing Home060
Clinical 6Nursing Home060
Clinical 7Nursing Home060
Class 20Graduate Preparation300
Class 21Final Exam200

The approximate time required to complete the NURSE AIDE PROGRAM is 4 weeks.

This is a 117-hour program that must be fully completed for successful graduation. The hours are segmented into 62 classroom hours, 13 laboratory hours and42 clinical hours. Each class is identified with a class number or clinical number and must be completed in numerical sequence as required by the Department of Human Services Texas Curriculum. Clinical may be scheduled to begin after completion of Class 12 or may be scheduled after Class 20. The course’s 42 hours of clinical experience are supervised in a local Nursing Home providing hands-on care to patients.

Upon successful completion, the graduate is awarded a Certificate of Completion and is eligible to take the State Examination to be placed on the Nurse Aide Registry.

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